SPAICH – a documentary about fighter pilot Dimitar Spisarevski


The research for the film covered a long period time, including a thorough examination of all facts related to the film, to Dimitar Spisarevski and the respective historical period, collection of archival materials as well as of reports and testimonies of the surviving contemporaries and participants in the events. The research included also visiting many museums and archives and examining many private collections of documents and photographs from the time of Dimitar Spisarevski.

We held many meetings and conversations with "followers" of Spisarevski's name and deed, people of different ages and from different parts of Bulgaria. Thus, we collected many interesting and curious details about who Spisarevski was as a person from the few remaining living witnesses of that time who personally knew him.

The research was not limited to Bulgaria only – the crew visited and filmed, for the first time, the former large military base at Werneuchen near Berlin, where Captain Spisarevsi trained in aerobatics immediately before the war.

Contacts were established and materials were collected from the German and US archives storing information about Dimitar Spisarevski.

In the preparation phase, test shots were made to select the actor who will impersonate Dimitar Spisarevski in several reenactments in the film.

Film crew:

Author, producer and director:Adela Peeva
Cameramen:Kaloyan Bojilov, Dimitar Skobelev
Sound:Ivan Andreev
Artist:Georgi Todorov
Editor: Kaloyan Nikolov
Executive producer:Slobodan Milovanovic
Consultant:Col. Dimitar Nedyalkov
Researcher archives:Julia Jordanova