SPAICH – a documentary about fighter pilot Dimitar Spisarevski

SPAICH – a documentary about fighter pilot Dimitar Spisarevski
SPAICH is the new documentary project of film director and producer Adela Peeva – author of the award-winning documentaries Whose is This Song, Divorce Albanian Style, The Mayor and many others.

Adela Peeva on her new project:

"For many years, the story of Captain Dimitar Spisarevski who carried out a suicide attack against an American bomber, defending the sky over Sofia, had sunk into oblivion. It seemed like Dimitar Spisarevski had never existed.

Today it may be time to ask ourselves: What does Spisarevski mean to us? Is he a phenomenon, a symbol, a flag, a legionnaire or a hero? How do today's young people develop their values ​​– is it via seeking answers in the past or looking towards a common future?

History may be written by the victors, but among those defeated there are often people who should not be forgotten. People who sacrificed their lives not for the sake of ideologies, the Great Powers or political dominance, but simply for the lives of others.

In South Park, US veterans built a monument to the US pilots killed over Sofia. Yet there is no monument to the killed Sofians and defenders of Sofia and there are even no plans for building such memorials."”