SPAICH – a documentary about fighter pilot Dimitar Spisarevski

Production company


ADELA MEDIA Production Company was founded in 1991, being one of the first independent production companies created in Bulgaria after the democratic changes.

Adela Peeva, who is founder, owner and manager of the company, has extensive experience as a successful documentary filmmaker. She has received numerous accolades for her films, which have been and are being shown around the world on television channels, in cinemas, at festivals and through the official distribution of their DVD copies.

Since its foundation, ADELA MEDIA specializes in documentary filmmaking. The company focuses on films dealing with cultural, historical and social issues, but always centered around human stories. The company has a keen interest in themes and issues related to the Balkans and Eastern Europe.

The films made by ADELA MEDIA production company appeal to a wide audience and have won the most prestigious international and national awards. The two most famous documentaries, "Whose is This Song?" and "Divorce Albanian Style", were nominated for the “European Oscar” – the award of the European Film Academy (EFA).

Adela Peeva's films have been broadcast in Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Finland, Italy, Shtvetsiya, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Denmark, Turkey and Switzerland and also in Korea, Taiwan, India and Brazil. They have participated and have been awarded at many national and international film festivals in Germany, France, Italy, USA, Poland, Romania, Switzerland, Croatia, Albania, Turkey and Russia.